Silver skies at Caburn!

I had great fun flying Helene and her family last week – and it sounds like she felt the same. Even her 7 year old daughter Silver got a go! Here’s what she had to say about it…

Thanks Helene! And I’m glad you enjoyed the wingovers – although I may just call them “crazy loopy loopy things” from now on 😉

“Me and my family went flying with Owen today just outside of Lewes and it was nothing short of amazing 🙂
Silver sings a song to the wind

Silver sings a song to the wind

“Having waited for the wind to lift on the sunny hillside he took my daughter Silver first. Owen was very kind and patient with her, and she clearly felt very comfortable with him. All we could hear as she went whizzing past our heads was “WOOOOoooooohoooooo!” and “Higher HIGHER!” He was very gentle with the flying and she loved it.

“My partner went next. He also loved it though a warning to those who may get a little travel sick, the swooping can be a bit hard on the belly. Other than that we’ve been talking about the amazing sensations of flying with the wind all evening, so that was his lasting memory!

Helene enjoying her flight“My turn… Oh my goodness, what an amazing experience! Swooping and dipping above the ground, sometimes so close you could touch the grasses, other times up up into the air, sometimes hanging then swooping down again… exactly like the birds do! I found out a little bit about how it all works with the movement of the wind and the heat from the ground – fascinating stuff. It’s amazing, I do get vertigo, but its not at all scary in that way… at times we got really high… it’s too amazing to worry about that stuff!

“Having sussed out that I was quite comfortable with it all (could have quite happily stayed up there forever 🙂 ) We did some crazy loopy loopy things on the way down which were wild!!!

“In short..amazing day, I would thoroughly recommend Owen as being the man to take you tandem paragliding. Great fun! It was a dream I’ve had for years… and it didn’t disappoint! Go only live once and this experience is one that I shall remember forever 🙂

“Thanks Owen!”

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